Stockton Real Estate, LLC

Stockton Real Estate, LLC will give you total access to the Real Estate Market. We will present you with all M.L.S. listed properties, foreclosure sales, even homes not yet on the market as well as properties for sale by owner. We will show you a comprehensive market analysis and a "Seller's Disclosure" (if one is available) on any property you may select helping you to establish a fair market value before you make an offer to purchase. 

While Stockton Real Estate, LLC Agents represent the seller in most transactions, for the buyer we research every available factual piece of information about a property and, in addition, we direct the buyer to the proper authority for information we believe they should find out about in person. If a listing agency does not allow us to represent the seller then we will be a Transaction Broker as described on the Real Estate Relationships page in the Consumer Information Statement, (CIS).