Real Estate Attorneys


Buyers and sellers would be well advised to consult their own attorney because buying and/or selling your home is one of the largest single dollar transactions in which you will probably ever be involved. The legal complexities of contract terms, home inspections, the mortgage process, documents, title and financial considerations make their fee more than reasonable. 
Stockton Real Estate is expert at finding qualified buyers for our listings and the right home for our buyers; however, in general, real estate agents are not trained in home inspections or the legal complexities. It is always wise to be represented by qualified counsel. 
In the event you have not as yet selected an attorney, Stockton Real Estate offers the following attorneys for your consideration:

Here is a short list of Attorneys that have worked with our clients and customers.  There are many other professional local Attorneys.

Alphabetical Order:
Christopher Costa, Esq.
Randie Ehrlich, Esq.
Brian G. Fulginiti, Esq.
Nancy Goldstein, Esq. 
Douglas Hoffman, Esq.
Peter O’Neill, Esq.
Katheryn Trenner, Esq.
Peter B. Treichler, Esq.