Building Inspection

The purpose of a building inspection is to learn about your new home and to obtain a professional evaluation of the house. To obtain a mortgage, the seller must provide certification to the buyer that the house is structurally sound, free of termite and other wood eating insects, and passes a water potability test. Following an inspection, the buyer may choose to void the contract of sale if the seller will not provide the required certification. The seller may choose to void the contract of sale if the buyer demands additional repairs to be made by the seller. The seller is not obligated to fix anything beyond the requirements of the contract. 

Final Walk-through Checklist 
The following is a reminder list to assist you in your final walk through inspection of the structure prior to closing. Specifically, inspect for changes that may have occurred or items that may have been removed or damaged during the time between your accepted offer and this inspection. Verify the operation of all equipment that is considered part of the purchase. Obtain operation manuals and warranties, if applicable.

Heating Source 
Flash test by activating thermostat 
Obtain operation manual 
Verify remaining fuel level 

Central Air Conditioning 
Flash test by activating thermostat 
Obtain service records 

Kitchen Appliances 
Ignite stove and oven 
Run garbage disposal and compactor 
Operate exhaust fan 
Run dishwasher through full cycle 
Check refrigerator, other appliances 

Windows and Doors 
Obtain keys 
Verify existence of storms and screens 
Operation of each 
Window sills 
Check for broken windows/doors 

Ancillary System 
Fireplace equipment 
Intercom system 
Fire/smoke alarms 
Sprinkler system 
Pool and accessories 
Whirlpool path 
Burglar alarm system 
Central vacuum system 
Garage door opener 

Sewerage System, Well Water 
Flush toilets 
Obtain service records 
Speak to Township Health office 
Check drainage, leaks, blockage 
Run faucets 
Maintain original water test report 
Basement Crawl Space 
Water penetration 
Operation of sump pump 
Crackling, walls and floors 

Operation of doors 
Roof leakage 

Tile caulking 
Toilet operation 
Floor around tub 
Exhaust fan 

Washer & dryer operation 
Venting operation 
Utility sink drainage 

Walls, Ceilings, Floors 
Cracks, water stains 
Nail holes and blemishes 
Check where carpets existed 
Where furniture existed 
Bowing and warping 

Electrical System 
Fixture operation 
Existence of fixtures 
Exposed wires 
Missing covers