How We Sell Your Home


Welcoming you, the buyer


A note about "Seller Agency": We do not sign buyers to buyer-agency contracts because the seller pays our commission and our fiduciary responsibility is to them. This relationship, however, should not be interpreted as being detrimental to the buyer. The buyer should not have to pay a commission.
Our buyers are testimony to the fact that Stockton agents give buyers the service they are looking for--We Help You Get The House!


How do we Help Buyers?

We Listen
What you want is foremost on our minds. We Listen carefully to a buyer's wish list. We will also suggest some similar but alternative listings for buyers to consider, so that no stone is left unturned and our buyers are presented with as many options as possible.

We Research
We match your search criteria to listings in our database of over 3,000 properties in three separate Multiple Listing Service data bases. We will also search Off The Market and For Sale By Owner properties.

We Educate
Buyers can benefit from our many years of experience. The process of a sales transaction from the preparation to buy stage to closing is multi-faceted and requires that the buyer receives all the facts needed for making important buying decisions. We help buyers find the information they need to know.

We Follow-Up
Being on top of it, following up with information, coordinating logistics and documentation is an important part of the service we provide.

We Deliver
After all is said and done, we can make the difference in your home search.